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Commercial Road Wholesalers Are A Favourite With New Boutique Owners - But Why?

Commercial Road wholesalers supply a huge range of attractive clothing at equally attractive prices. If you are just starting out in the business of running a small boutique, you need to be persuaded that they are the best sources for your growing stock, as opposed to looking abroad or spending months researching the fashion scene yourself. In this article, we look at two of the major decisions you must make when setting up your shop, and how a good supplier dealing in wholesale womens clothing can rapidly become your best friend as you build your business. Commercial Road Wholesalers

What You Need To Consider Before Approaching A Wholesale Clothing Supplier

One of the first factors you need to decide is your purchasing strategy. Will you be buying clothing for your store from an overseas supplier or one based in your own country? Of course, the main advantage of buying from abroad could be said to be that you can buy stock at somewhat cheaper prices than some UK based suppliers, even the best Commercial Road wholesalers. But what you must remember is that you still have to add the high costs of exports. Often, you can’t choose the quantities and colours you want; and there’s less flexibility over order sizes, so you will usually end up with more than you need. Then, there’s the fact that you cannot secure returns on damages or expect next day delivery. All in all, buying wholesale from abroad can work out far more expensive a proposition. It may be far better instead, in terms of profit and repeat business from satisfied customers, to make a feature of the quality of the clothing you source and sell. And for this, it’s advisable to opt for clothing from some of the top names in fashion wholesalers Commercial Road London based. They have done their research and will pick their ranges from high quality manufacturers of high-quality clothing.

Knowing What You Want To Purchase From Your Commercial Road Wholesale Clothing Seller

The other important factor in informing your decision about where to buy stock is your niche. There are countless clothing stores on the high street and online, so the end-customer has a bewildering choice. As a small business owner, you aren’t likely to be able to afford enough variety of stock or selling space to satisfy every customer’s wishes, so it’s best to focus on one area. Who is your target market? Don’t be afraid to get specific about your favourite kind of customer. The more you understand what they want, the easier it is to narrow down your choice of wholesalers – and the stock you buy from them. You could opt for children’s sportswear, for instance. Or perhaps you are more interested in supplying fashionable silk wear from Italy for women. Narrowing down the countless options to find the right wholesaler is key to starting your business off on the right foot. And once you know what you are looking for, there will be a Commercial Road wholesale clothing supplier that fits the bill perfectly.

G7 Clothing Is One Of The Prime Commercial Road Wholesalers, Selling UK Wide And Beyond

If you’re looking for the very best of wholesalers to get your business up and running successfully with quality of clothing aimed at your specific target market, then you want us – G7 Clothing. We are UK based Commercial Road wholesalers with an impressive selection of garments for women that we’ve picked from manufacturers, home and abroad, for their quality and style. Established since 1983, we’re one of the oldest and best established businesses on Commercial Road. Whatever the profile of your clientele, we’ll have styles, sizes and fashions to suit. Head to our website at to see a sample of this season’s hottest items. Questions? Email us at, WhatsApp us on 07484929448 or use the contact form on our website. Alternatively, give us a ring on 020 7702 8002. We’d love to help.
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